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Regulation Show

Each ISIA member can register max. 2 teams, only ski instructors with ISIA card or ISIA stamp can
participate, proof required. The teams consist in principle of 2 women and 2 men and ski alpine. Different
shows can be shown by the teams in the qualification and in the final. Music will be played during each
show. The choice of music will be determined by the teams themselves and submitted to the organizer.
Each team will have two qualifying runs, the better one will be scored. The starting order in the
qualification will be drawn by lot and is the same in the second run. The best 3 teams from the
qualification are qualified for the finals. Starting order in the final is based on the result of the qualification
(start no. 1: place 3; start no. 2: place 2; start no. 3: place 1). Each team has one scoring run in the final.
The result in the final is decided only by this one scoring in the final (in case of equal points, the team with
the better score in the qualification wins).

The judging criteria are creativity, synchronicity and technical execution in equal thirds. A maximum of 10
points can be awarded in the three scoring areas (maximum score is 30 points). The scoring will be done
via the app "ISIA WF 22" by all delegation members directly at the slope after each run, to be done within
5 minutes after the end of the respective run.

Creativity (max. 10 points)
- different turn sizes (short-medium-short-medium), at least two changes of turn sizes must be performed
- Difficulty of the elements shown (one behind the other, side by side, lane driving, crossing, crashing,
starting, stopping, ...), at least three different elements of formation must be driven.
Note: No show elements (for example color, pyrotechnics, strips, flags, ...) the focus is on the driving
Synchronicity (max. 10 points)
- Overall impression of the synchronicity
- Evaluation of the synchronicity especially during the change of driving speeds (during the change from
medium to small turns)
- Evaluation of the synchronicity especially when changing turn sizes (when changing from small turns to
large turns)
- Evaluation of the synchronicity when stopping
Technical execution (max. 10 points)
- sportive driving speed
- high quality of turns
- functional execution of movements (precise, elegant, dynamic, harmonious)

The title is:
ISIA Ski Instructors World Champion "PERFORMANCE" in gold, silver, bronze

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