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Regulation Workshop

Each ISIA member can submit max. 2 workshop topics. The workshops must deal with the motto
"Teaching Generation Alpha", with which offers and themes young people from the age of 12 can be kept
in the ski school in the discipline alpine skiing. ISIA members submit the workshop topic with a description
of the program, objectives and contents in the form of one DIN A4 page (text in English) to the ISIA Office
by e-mail until 31.01.2022 at 12:00 pm. The ISIA Technical Commission select the four most interesting
workshops to be presented on snow. The decision of the ISIA TC was:

Workshop 1: “digital teaching methodology” - Southtyrol
Workshop 2: ”Junior Snow Safety Camp” - Germany
Workshop 3: “Teach different” - San Marino
Workshop 4: "Engage & teach Alphas How2ski“ - Germany

Nations, who are presenting a workshop, need two experts per workshop topic. The two experts are
presenting their workshop four times each over 2 days. The duration per workshop is 120 min. The
workshops will be held exclusively in English.

All delegation members participate in each of the four workshop topics.

In the ISIA WF 22 App each participant will find the number of her/his workshop group for the
presentations on Monday, 04.04. and on Tuesday, 05.04.2022. Directly at the top station of the "Helm-
Jet"-chair lift is the meeting point of the 8 groups. The groups meet at the matching number panel.

At the end of each workshop, the participants will vote on their personal impression via the App "ISIA WF
22“ between 1 pts (very bad) up to 10 pts (very good). With the personal impression, they evaluate
whether the teaching program is suitable for the Generation Alpha to motivate them for the ski school and
to support the personal development of the Alphas. The participants can change their voting again later if
necessary. Deadline for voting is on Tuesday, 05.04.22 at 5:00 pm. A participant's vote will only be taken
into account and counted for the final ranking if all 4 workshops have been voted. So the participants of
the workshop decide about the places 1 to 4. At the end the team with the highest total addition of all
votings wins.

The title is:
ISIA Ski Instructors World Champion "TEACHING" in gold, silver, bronze


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